Partnership Sites

The following are sites that we manage, and/or are media partners

These sites range from blog aggregators  to Google News sites.  A High Ranking blog aggregator, Nth Degree Media, LLC is responsible for wholesale enrollment of this site.

STL.NEWS As a Google, Bing, and Apple News Site with extraordinary traffic for exposure and high value linking, this is our crown jewel.  Nth Degree Media, LLC is a media partner for this site and has also signed up for territorial management of content and advertising within the State of Kansas.

USREALTY.NEWS– Providing news and market information from multiple sources on a national to local level, is an excellent information resource for consumers to help them get in touch with the ebb and flow of their area’s real estate market and with those involved in it, as well.

WICHITAKSREALTY.NEWS–  Re-established as a local blog aggregation site with social media presence, this site increases exposure of local Real Estate professionals and makes a one stop shop for those looking for articles by local firms, business and individuals that are part of the real estate scene in and around Wichita Kansas.